Virtual Koala Tour

per person.
1 Hour
Any Age

Join us on a virtual live tour looking for koalas in the wild

Come on a live virtual tour looking for koalas in the wild with local guide and koala whisper Wendy Bithell. Wendy will take you via zoom to wild koala habitat and will search for wild koalas. On the way she will discuss their biology, habitat and their threats. We donate some money from our Virtual Koala Tours to local koala groups.

When you sign up we will give the zoom code, then just click on the link at the right time and join in on the tour. You’ll be able ask questions as the guide walks around.

If you have a school or community group, ask us about our koala facts and activities sheets. You can also ask us about doing a Virtual Koala Tour as a fundraiser where you could generate up to $2000 for your community group.

If you have a group and would prefer a different time, please contact us and we will arrange it.

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Virtual Koala Tour

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What a great show Wendy and Katrina put on for the residents of our facilities in Chicago. It was amazing to see those adorable creatures and hear about the fantastic work they are doing to save them from extinction. Mandy S